If you are considering selling your medical practice, let us first of all assess its valuation. We aim to avoid unnecessary accountancy juggling, which would not bring you to closing an actual deal anyway. In fact we put emphasis on the analysis of insurance companies’ contracts, numbers of active patients and actual operational criteria that are crucial for the value and ‘transferability’ of the business.

Based on your individual situation we would like to offer you as part of our valuation some concrete practical recommendations on how to deal with particular types of buyers. If for example the interested buyer is a young medical doctor from the same medical field, their priority would likely be a low asking price and high quality of insurance companies’ contracts. On the other hand, an already functioning medical practice based in a different medical field, would likely be more interested in an established medical personnel team and may not push to reduce the asking price of the business. They may rather aim to divide the cost into several instalments based on a gradual hand-over.

After meeting in person, we would aim to offer you specific interested buyers. Based on a mandate agreement we would also like to represent you in the sales process, including all administration management, as per Selling of Medical Practices. Selling of Medical Practices.