Healthcare in the Czech Republic is an extremely regulated field and having all operations documentation organised is not a simple task. In the current jungle of legal norms and various regulations it is not easy to navigate the system even for the public administration organisations that set these standards. It is common for these organs to have conflicting expectations for the content of the operations documentation and set-up of the practice. It can therefore be a complicated and frustrating task for doctors to manage the important task of caring for their patients, as well as managing the correct operational procedures within their budget.

In order to make this task easier for you and to keep your expenses down, we prepared the following variety of services:

Development of operational schedule and further operations documents fit for your practice

To arrange Health & Safety and Fire Safety documentation, attests of electronic equipment and insurance contracts

Arrangement of premium conditions for operations services and consumables

To obtain, change or cancel the authorisation for providing medical care

Representation at meetings with landlords

Consultancy in working with other health care providers, including laboratories and pharmacies