The centre of our activities is the management of sales of medical practices in the General Practice field and for Out-patient specialists. First and foremost we assess the concrete situation of a given medical doctor and we aim to find such a way that would be in agreement with their expectations. We are very flexible when drafting offers and suggesting various models of sales, and base our ides on our ten year experience in managing varied healthcare establishments and their transfers.

When looking for a suitable buyer for a particular medical practice we advertise in printed periodicals and electronic advertising forums. We also actively contact possible interested parties, including the medical doctors and companies working in the given medical field and region. Thanks to our long-term experience we have number of high-quality contacts in all larger healthcare companies and we are often able to find an actual buyer quickly. Via our partner company Job Solution we are able to solve recruitment and personnel issues and offer a ‘complete package’ doctor + practice, which allows the seller to ask for a higher price (see Business valuation).)

For individual transactions we are able to manage administration side of transferring the practice with all the necessary agencies. We are able to manage transfers of medical practices in the form of a Limited Liability Company, as well as an individual entity as per the Czech legal system (§ 17 paragraph. 8 act no. 48/1997 Vol). If you are individual entity and are considering applying for a Limited Liability Company, please see the table below for your information.

CategoryIndividualLimited Liability Company (LLC)
Liability and responsibilityGuaranteed by complete personal assetsThe associates have liability only to the extent of the outstanding stake; the executive director is liable in the case of violating his/her legal obligations
Operations expensesidentical
Tax burdenA very different calculation, but similar result. A self-employed person may manage expenses as lump fee, while LLC associates may optimise the tax burden with changes within the ratio between the wages and profit.
Accountancy expenseslowerhigher – double entry accounting
Medial practice imageTied to an individualDevelopment of a marketing brand- easier for a future transfer
Medical practice valueNot being a LLC can be an advantage for a functioning company, which would later either have to manage parallel existence of multiple companies or an expensive merger.The marketing brand is of an added value
Medical practice sale taxPractically 36.5%- 15% income tax, social and medical insurance15%, business share sale becomes tax-free after 5 years
Practice transfer time frame3 months minimumcan be immediate if both parties agree (in the case the company is not yet listed as a LLC, it is important to add approx. 4-6 months for the listing)
Necessity of a selection procedurenonenone

We are able to offer costs analysis and optimisation of operational contracts (waste disposal, laundry services, cleaning services) for both the practice transfers from an individual, or in the framework of practice transfer to a Limited Liability Company. If there is a need of a fast sale of the practice we are able to offer a direct purchase of the practice (alternatively a purchase of a business share in the case of Limited Liability Company) by our company.